Who We Are

 SPS and its subsidiary company, Millennium Systems Services Inc. (http://www.mssi-inc.com) are “Solutions-based Companies with expertise spanning across a broad range of defense ground and aviation services.Our commitment to perform with integrity is instilled in every employee as a nonnegotiable expectation of behavior. This expectation is guided by our integrity policy and is underscored by an extensive array of operating policies, processes, and communications.  Furthermore, we make a significant investment in Quality.  Our ISO 9001-2015 and AS9100 Rev D Quality Management Systems include over 120 documented processes and procedures designed to leverage our vast knowledge, experience and expertise for delivery of real value to our customers. Our motto is "Experience SPS Inc.'s Passion and Energy. Our efforts focus on the pillars of Integrity, Experience, and Commitment.  

  • Integrity– Our leaders and managers at all levels play an essential role, by being uncompromising with respect to safety, ethics and compliance, making it clear through their actions and expectations that all business plans and activities must be undertaken in a responsible, safe and compliant manner.
  • Experience – SPS is high performing organization with the experience and insight in knowing how to apply the right talent at the right time for the right reasons. Additionally, given that our leadership and executive management teams has first-hand experience with our Federal Customer’s mission requirements, we are able to provide solutions that mitigate risks and streamline the processes.  Our experience is used to create one thing and one thing only -  a superb customer experience.
  • Commitment – We are committed to ensuring our Customer’s success which is built on trust and a pledge to be the very best we can to our Customers be from the beginning to the end.  In short, we maintain a strong sense of intention, purpose and focus. SPS will give the necessary time and energy to fulfill our promises to our Customers.