This month the SPS VEMOS Team is conducting MATV Basic Operators Courses and Basic Maintainers Courses.  These trainings are to teach and train service members without prior knowledge of the MATV operation and maintenance.

During the Basic Operators Course Instruction, led by Emmitt Jackson (pictured below), our trainer maintainer held an instruction class that focused on the powering-on and starting of equipment, understanding the operating modes and conditions, and most importantly, work safety.  Before COVID-19 these courses were at a 3-1 student to instructor ratio; however, due to the shutdowns and COVID conditions faced in 2020 the government has had to train more service members in a short amount of time. Therefore, we are now operating at a 10-1 student to instructor ratio with no loss in performance or education. 

During the Teaching Basic Maintainers Course, led by Kristina Nieto (pictured below), service members that had no prior knowledge of the operation or the maintenance of the MATV are being taught simple run errors and troubleshooting held in a controlled environment. Affected by COVID-19 as well, the student to instructor ratio rose from 6-1 to 8-1. However, our dedicated trainer maintainers made sure there were no decreases in performance and learning.  

Keep up the great work VEMOS!