William D. Greene

William (Doug) Greene is a 1998 graduate of Oakwood University located in Huntsville; Al. Doug started his Contracting career that same year as a Department of Defense Army Material Command Contracts Specialists intern located on Redstone Arsenal. During his time at Redstone Arsenal, he earned the Certificate in leadership Management from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business.  Doug’s experience covers a wide array of acquisitions that include major weapon systems, service and partnering contracts, Policy and Compliance along with pre and post award acquisitions. He also developed and lead the green platoon a integrated training and On-The-Job training program established at the army contracting command.   In April of 2021 he retired from ACC-RSA with a combined 30 years of civil service experience with 8 of those years being active-duty Army.

As the Director of Contracts, some of his responsibilities include enhancing policies and processes that govern the contract administration staff and provide guidance on contract terms and the assessment of contract proposals that impact and align with the strategic planning for the overall development and growth of the company.