Program Acquisition Life-Cycle Processes

Program managers today face a "perfect storm" of circumstances that stand between addressing their current imperatives and improving successful product delivery. Continuing decreases in program budgets, combined with the increased focus on program results, add to the need to respond to a wider range of technology choices (cloud computing, open source, enterprise architecture, service-oriented architecture, Web 2.0, mobile computing, etc.) than ever before.

SPS has decades of experience in acquisition and lifecycle management of software-intensive systems. Our people will help you field, operate and support technology-based products and systems through overseeing all planning, budgetary, contract and program management functions. With SPS, you can leverage the latest approaches to solution architecture to produce the best returns on your project expenditures.

SPS Product Acquisition Lifecycle offerings include

  • Acquisition Support
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Technology Management
  • Training
  • Privatization and Outsourcing