Interactive Multimedia Instructional (IMI) Material, Programs of Instruction (POI’s)

IMI is a concept that allows the instructor and students to interact with the multimedia that can be used to teach a course. It is accomplished by utilizing pop-ups, animations, video, audio and other procedures that make it very easy and effective for the instructors of the exceedingly complicated courses to teach while using complicated equipment and systems. Instructors will no longer have to memorize long and complicated complex POIs. The IMI software will lead the instructor through the course along with the students giving the instructor the flexibility to teach various subjects. This software is developed in conjunction with the POIs, Instructor Guides, Student Guides and other materials required to teach the course.

IMI materials are developed by the top interactive development software on the market. Toolbook is a courseware development and e-learning authoring system for Windows from SumTotal Systems, Inc. This software is SCORUM/AICC compliant and has been accepted by all major training commands to include CASCOM, TRADOC and TACOM ILSC. This concept has already been proven with more than 60 complex systems being currently taught in the governments New Equipment Training Courses. Some definite advantages of using the SCORM method is below:

SCORM standardization makes it possible to combine learning objects from different sources in a general environment. This is the greatest benefit of SCORM. It makes possible the constant reuse of courses in different formats and coming from different sources inside the same LMS.

The SCORM standardization provides a common data model. This common data model has benefits for both the courses dependent and independent of the LMS. They can gather and manage data from the courses in a uniform way.

SCORM standardization provides a common packaging format. This permits the simple circulation of courses, as they can be created and stored in the way their originator needs. A standardized manifest file describes their structures and makes their operation easy. You can combine content from different sources, without technical incompatibility problems.