Employee of the Month: Shelby Burns!

We are proud to introduce our employee of the month of August: Shelby Burns!

Shelby is a SPS Public Relations Specialist assigned to the AFC Communications Directorate responsible for providing strategic and tactical level communication program analysis. She also conducts the assessments of the effects achieved by internal and external AFC communications.

Beyond the critical work she does in support of AFC, Shelby on numerous occasions has volunteered to support the AFC mission standing in as the contingency photographer/videographer during critical events. She consistently volunteers to fill a requirement gap and/or to develop her skills in other areas to benefit the organization. On two occasions she volunteered to support the recreation of the MSSI website and the initial development of the Army Readiness Business Unit share point site. Shelby is highly admired by both her government and contracting peers alike.

Her superiors state that “Shelby is a constant supporting figure in all operations within the communication’s directorate” and she is always trying to find ways to “plug in” her hard-working attitude!

Congrats Shelby!