3D Modeling

SPS can model any type of equipment. This equipment can be as small as a vehicle instrument gauge or as large as any vehicle or armored vehicle platform. SPS uses a software application called Maxon Cinema 4D. This software is not a CAD platform. It is a full function 3D development tool that gives you expanded flexibility over other CAD software. It allows the user to not only develop a 3D model but also to develop any texture or material to support the realistic look of the model being developed. SPS has developed environments to support various models via a 3D mesh. Users can add, subtract, stretch and otherwise change the mesh to their desire. Models can be viewed from a variety of angles, usually simultaneously. Models can be rotated and the view can be zoomed in and out. These environments can be as complex as picking the time of day, location or terrain of the location and placing your model into it.

What really makes these models stand out is its ease of use. Where other high-end 3D modelers rely on complicated stacks of modifiers, for example, Cinema 4D takes a simple object-based approach - drag a spline object onto an extrusion object and it projects into 3D space, drag this onto a “ HyperNURBS” object and the results are automatically subdivided and smoothed, drag this onto an array object and the results are automatically repeated and distributed.

Once your model is complete, we have the capability of placing it into other software applications that will allow the user to interact with the model. This software is incredibly powerful when it comes to training soldiers on how to install and uninstall equipment. It is also a powerful training tool for the instructor to use while teaching different components or maintenance applications.

We can also animate the model. Instead of the flat 2D models you normally see animated on the Internet, we can animate a 3D model located inside of a 3D environment. This gives us the capability of developing realistic gaming scenarios to support training.